Raising Asia’s sea trade with visionary master port planning and smarter, greener, automated and optimized operations

In an era of global shipping contractions and alliances and intense intra-regional port competition, ports have to find smarter, greener and automated ways of operating to remain competitive under squeezed margins. This event will focus on updates on shipping trade trends, financing of port projects, masterplan designs and factors impacting and impeding such developments including the parallel contraction of the shipping industry, market and yield volatility, the formation of the latest Ocean Alliance, and the need to improve port utilizations and shipping dwell times to remain profitable. Lessons learned and opportunities to be gained by embracing, smarter, greener and automated port development options to maximize operational profitability will be discussed in highly interactive interview, presentation and panel formats.

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Why Now and Why Singapore?

Interactive Sessions

Asia accounts for 70% of Global container shipping & houses the Top 30 global shipping ports

Real Situation Analysis

Easily access to top 3 Port giants #1 China #2 Singapore #3 Hong Kong

ISO Technical Committee

Singapore is the world’s largest trans-shipper with links to 400 shipping lines & 600 ports worldwide

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Over 40 Next-Gen Port Re-development plans for Asia in the next 5 years, worth trillions of dollars

Networking Opportunities

Over 60% of strategic maritime supply chain decision makers access Singapore

Featured Speakers

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Key Topics To Be Addressed in 2016 Include:

Experience 3 Days of Expertly Curated Content

How to capitalize on growth opportunities in port developments throughout Asia

Meet With and Compare Dozens of Leading-Edge Solution Providers

Singapore’s next generation ports - achieving operational excellence by becoming smarter, greener & automated

Forge New Connections and Benchmark Against Peers

A new era of master planning for Asia’s port infrastructure designs in Indonesia

New This Year! IT Modernization Track

Unveiling Hong Kong’s Master Plan for Port optimizations & its impact on Shanghai, Singapore & Indonesia’s port-competitiveness

New This Year! ITFM Boot Camp

Examining the impact intense intra-port competition is having on shipping vessel sizes, containerization and trans-shipping competitiveness

Take Advantage of Our Group Discounts and Bring the Whole Team

Using smart connectivity to align new port terminal capacities and utilization rates and optimize vessel loading and shipping costs

What’s New This Year?


New interactive format, with interviews and panel discussions


New topic examining how the era of master plans is impacting on intense regional port competitiveness & profitability


New discussion on greater profitability gains with smarter, greener & automated port developments: case studies from China, HK, Singapore


Updates on how Indonesia’s ambitious expansive plans are progressing


Top level insights on financing & port expansion realization issues in Indonesia & emerging regions


High level discussions on the ripple effects of China’s slowdown on SEA’s global trade & the latest Ocean Alliances of the shipping industry


Hear progress updates on Pelindo I, II, II & IV


Gain insights into the Masterplans of China, Hong Kong & Singapore


Be part of the interactive discussions on the shipping industry alliances and their impact on port optimisations


Receive first-hand knowledge of how to be greener, smarter and automated with a spotlight on Singapore

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